Pilkington Spacia Glass For Sash Windows Edinburgh

A rated energy glass


With 26% of all domestic heat loss escaping through the windows

Installing Pilkington Spacia energy-efficient glass can save you money on your heating bills when compared to standard double glazed windows

Pilkington Spacia Glass

Spacia Glass

A rated energy glass

Replacing the heat lost through your windows can be expensive so don’t throw your money out of the window! Install low emissivity (low-e) energy-efficient windows to help to reduce your heating bills by up to 20% each year.

You can also take satisfaction in the fact that it is not only money you are saving. Using a product from our energy-efficient glass range in your windows will reduce your home’s CO2 output, making your carbon footprint smaller and your home more environmentally friendly.

We offer a range of low-e energy-efficient glazing to suit every type of property, from a modern home to an older traditional styled home.


  • Four times better thermal insulation than single glazing, helps to reduce heat loss from property.
  • Suitable as a replacement for single glazing in original frames, to retain the appear ance of older traditional buildings.
  • Suitable for other applications where use of thinner, low-weight glazing is desirable, such as sliding box sashes.
  • 10 year warranty with an even longer life expectancy.
  • Can be used in secondary glazing applications for enhanced thermal performance.
  • Reduced interior noise levels.
  • Greater internal comfort, as cold spots close to the window are reduced.
  • Internal condensation risk levels are significantly reduced when compared to single glazing.
  • Compatible with most silicone sealants and a broad range of putties for a traditional finish.
  • Can be leased to match traditional designs.
  • Face applied bead can be used to mimic existing Georgian designs is one large pane is preferred to using several small panes.
  • A range of non-rectangular shapes, for flexibility with orginal frames.
  • A sandblasted version is available where privacy is required.
  • Improves energy efficiency, reduces carbon emissions and your heating bills.

Historic Scotland

The Historic Scotland Report (Changeworks) which is based on Narrow cavity IGU’s the Pilkington Spacia™ is recognised and comes out as one of the top products. More

Easily retrofitted into all timber sash window styles, including:

Typical 1 over 1 vertical sliding box sash window - Typical 2 over 2 vertical sliding sash window. - Typical 6 over 6 vertical sliding sash window

Diagram of glass unit

Pilkington Spacia™

Replace your glass not your window frames with Pilkington Spacia™ replacement ultra-slim double glazed window glass system

Pilkington Spacia™ is a revolutionary new glazing product that’s no wider than standard single glazing yet boasts the thermal performance of triple glazing.

Pilkington Spacia™ can be easily retrofitted into your existing window frames – usually within one working day.

Little or no redecoration is required.* What’s more, the historic appearance of period homes is unaffected.

*Subject to survey – some minor repainting may be required depending on your frame type, but this will be confirmed on survey.

old Edinburgh houses

The Benefits of Pilkington Spacia

  • Six times more efficient than standard single glazing
  • As original frames are reused, little or no redecorating is required – subject to survey
  • Maintains authentic appearance of period homes
  • Reduced heating bills and lower carbon emissions
  • Virtually eliminates all draughts, cold spots and internal condensation
  • Noise levels greatly reduced for a quieter home
  • Full 15-year warranty
  • The perfect solution for most sash windows

How Pilkington Spacia™ and ECO Glass & Glazing work

With the industry’s thinnest profile, Pilkington SpaciaTM offers double-glazing comfort in a single-glazing width. This allows for improved thermal efficiency in period buildings, with a negligible impact on the historic appearance.

  • The only double-glazed unit that can be glazed into all standard astragals.
  • Can be glazed into all existing single-glazing glass rebates.
  • The thinnest double-glazed unit in the world
  • Revolutionary vacuum technology
  • Successfully used in Japan for 15 years

A rated energy glass

Replacement Double Glazing Timescales

Our glass replacement can be carried out in less than a day which not only saves the customer money on labour but all the hassle of a full replacement. We simply remove the old inefficient glass and replace it with the most energy efficient double glazing glass on the market today. We even take old glass away to be recycled, so rest assured you are helping the environment as well.. Your window frames remain in place avoiding the need for touch up or redecorating around these afterwards both externally and internally.

The first thing to consider when thinking about replacement window glass in a to existing window frames is having a proper survey done for this contact us today, by filling out our request a quote form on the website which will be sent direct to arrange a free survey today and see if your property is suitable for the Eco Glass & Glazing replacement system.